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Service Providers:


Whitmar McConnell is a consultant and farm owner/manager of Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY. He is an experience soil consultant providing recommendations and consultations to clients across the globe. Whitmar has contributed extensively to the Adventist Agricultural Community in providing a biblical perspective to soil restoration. He uses the Albrecht Model to create balanced soil chemistry that can produce more nutritious and productive plants.

For services he can be contacted on his website or by emailing

Ian Mot is a soil health and crop nutrition consultant from Victoria. VSS advocates soil health principles and assits growers transitions to regenerative ag systems. VSS provides the soil renovator testing program designed to provide access to recommendations based on the Albrecht Model of soil balancing with comprehensive follow through support to restore any soil.

Kinsey Ag is a international consultancy firm founded in 1973. The firm has always  provided a consulting service specifically focused on soil fertility and problems that are closely related. Neal Kinsey was trained and certificated as an agronomist by Dr. William A. Albrecht, Professor Emeritus of Soils, University of Missouri/Columbia. Kinsey Ag still utilizes his foundational work on soil testing and fertility. The principal goal is to help those who use the services to economically achieve an ideal level of productivity and quality through soil management.

The following document is provided to assit those trying to sent samples:

Equipment & tool Suppliers:


The PAPER POT PLANTER by Curly is made in Australia offering a solution to tedious transplanting. You can also find plans to build stirrup hoes and broadforks

The online Irrigation Store is from Wagga Road, Lavington NSW. Its supplies well priced irrigation equipment delivered Australia wide.

Aussie Flame Weeders. Australian made for "Cleaner, Faster farming" of weed management

Active Vista Australia. Provider of market gardening tools, eequipment and resources.

Mitchell Engineering Food Equipment PTY LTD. These knifes are primarily used by the abattoir industry, they are also used extensively for harvesting in the horticultural industry

If you know a service or tool provider worth recommending here, let us know!

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