Mission Statement:
Our mission is to encourage and nurture young people, families, gardeners and farmers to grow into God's given plan for agriculture through networking, mentoring, and information sharing. 

Our Motto
"Cultivating Soil and Character for Eternity"

1. To promote an agricultural system that is based on the Bible, the book of nature, the Spirit of Prophecy and a balanced scientific view of the living system as a physical, chemical and biological unit.
2. To stimulate prayerful study and discussion of the role of agriculture in preparing God’s end-time people through character development and physical, mental and spiritual balance. 
3. To educate families and individuals about the “Country Living Message” and encourage them as they transition to an agrarian lifestyle. 
4. To train and equip a new generation of Adventist farmers to fill the need in schools, institutions, and communities.
5. To work with the Seventh-day Adventist church, its supporting ministries, schools, and individual families to elevate and inspire agricultural evangelism and education. 


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ABN: 16 875 537 122


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