Ep 8. Welcome to 2022! Popcorn Devotional with Ian, Kahn and Shanna

, by Shanna Duke

Welcome to 2022! We are excited to be sharing our first episode for the year, with many other exciting episodes in planning.

Today we are starting off with a recap from our holidays and a “popcorn” devotional of different things we have been learning relating to our theme and topics. Some wisdom from Proverbs, insights from Peter, and even touching on lessons from Jonah.

Enjoy and let us know something you've learnt from your holidays! 🙏🏻

Look forward to connecting with you!
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Deslie Ellis 2 months ago   -   March 29, 2022 at 6:17 pm

Yes I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts today. Yes I find myself singing hymns and songs as I work in our garden up at Cobark. Sometimes I wonder if my singing warns any snakes that could be leaking that I am there.
The last 3 years have been a big learning curve, living in a Builders site shed, working the land and building a shed and hopefully a home in the end. We now have established trees up the driveway which we grew from seed and keeping the grass tamed in this weather, extensive flower garden which enables me to take a flower arrangement to church each week. Then the flowers get taken by a member to the patients in the local hospital. We are developing an orchard, growing veges. Recently I was picking 2 buckets of beans a week. Pumkins, onions garlic, Bok Choi, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon. We even had our 1st 2 bunches of grapes, one cherry, 15 plums and some peaches. Our latest adventure is a flow hive with real busy bees. It a major learning adventure and we are loving it even though some things are rather primitive. We have no contact with the outside world except when we go down to Gloucester on Sabbaths. We are very active in the church there and last year we run a healthy lifestyle and eating seminar. The Church is growing and we also have prayer in the park on Sabbath afternoon after lunch. Praying for community requests as we meet them in the park.
Deslie & David

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