Darren Greenfield - Keynote Speaker
Darren spent the first half of his life in New Zealand where he developed a love for farming. For the last 8 years, he has managed Weimar Farm in California and teaches Agriculture for Weimar College. He currently serves as chairman of the board for The Adventist Agricultural Association (AdAgrA)

It All Makes Sense  -  A look at how God designed gardening to benefit us.

Embracing the Curse  -  The cursed ground holds so many blessings. Satan does everything in his power to keep us from experiencing them.

For Such a Time as This - The relevance of agriculture now, and in the near future. 

Gardening by the Book  -  A Biblical approach to growing nutrient-dense food, as God changes our Characters in preparation for heaven. 

Cooperation vs Competition  -  Much counsel given for agriculture has been ignored, resulting in much loss. Is there hope of turning the tide this late in earth's history? 


Seminar 1: Fruit Growing  and Orcharding - by Jeremy Price


Jeremy is a 4th generation fruit grower from the Perth Hills region in Western Australia. With 23 years experience in orchards, and an industry leader in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), he is passionate about growing beautiful fruit for all to enjoy. Currently living in Manjimup WA with his wife Rochelle and three girls, he has been managing an organic apple orchard for the last three years. He is passionate about mission, and longs to see all God’s people reaping the rewards of their own food garden.

Session Titles

1: Awaken the Passion - There are many good reasons to grow fruit, I’ll show you why you should, and that now is the time to get into it. 

2: Dirt or Soil - Most people have no idea of the life that is right under their feet. You will meet "the team", and be shown how they can work for you (for virtually nothing).

3: Getting your hands dirty - There are many things to consider when establishing an orchard, so we will spend time here to make sure you get it right. 

4: Recipe for success - It doesn’t matter what you grow, you must follow a process, you will be given a proven formula that is easy to implement. 

5: Keeping in shape - Most home orchardists underestimate or misunderstand pruning and canopy management, so I am going to set the record straight and show you the right way. 

6: Keeping the nasties at bay - You don’t want to lose your precious crop to pests and disease. You will learn basic principles to ensure you will get to taste the work of your hands.

Seminar 2: Business Stream - by Loren Engelbrecht

Recordings not available - only could benefit from this task based workshop

  1. Market research 
  2. Marketing planning
  3. Legal and risk management planning
  4. Operational planning
  5. Human resources planning 
  6. Financial planning

Loren Engelbrecht provides Management Consulting, Business Analysis and IT Services to a range of small, medium and large/multi-national organisations. He also assists directors and management to ‘keep their finger on the pulse’ of their respective organisations by providing them with insights and recommendations from in-depth analysis of each business.

Seminar 3: Vegetable Production - by Sheldon Vincent (NZ farmer)

Sheldon owns and operates a 100 acre vegetable farm in New Zealand and will be sharing his insight with us.

Sessions include:

1 My Journey On the Land - Blessings of growing up in the country. God’s protection and leading. A great place to grow kids. 

2 So You Want To Be a Grower? - What crops to grow and a myriad of other things you need to consider before you begin. Market, area needed, varieties, soil type, profitability, etc.

3 Seeds Don’t Grow in Packets - Production cycle, timing, continuity of supply, growing different crops in the same season. Managing the work load.

4 Work / Life Balance - Help! I’ve planted too much and I can’t bear to waste it! Stress management, holidays, stewardship, balance, Sabbath.

5 Living is Giving - What does success look like? Engaged children, nutrient dense food, co-operating with our Creator.

6 Question and answer panel with Darren, Rod and Sheldon.

Seminar 4: Soil Restoration - by Ian Mot


Ian comes from Victoria where he recently finished his Master’s degree in Cropping Science and practices as an independent agronomist specialising in crop nutrition and soil health. Ian is passionate to take the complicated out of soil management and make it simple for anyone to discover how to unlock the treasures in the soil. He founded VSS to advocate sound principles of soil management and support the transition to regenerative systems. By learning, planning and acting for our soils we can restore our land, and perhaps other things too.

In our upcoming soils course I want to share a journey of discovery: “He who taught Adam and Eve in Eden how to tend the garden would instruct men today. There is wisdom for him who holds the plow and plants and sows the seed. The earth has its concealed treasures, and the Lord would have thousands and tens of thousands working upon the soil…” Adventist Home p. 143.1

             Do we know how to release this treasure? For most people that treasure remains concealed and their results are disappointing. But there is a good way to work the soil, and we need to go on a journey down deep to discover what our soil needs to be healthy.

Apologies for the recording issues in session 1


Seminar 5: Country Living - by various presenters

Session 1 & 2 Tractor/Machinery Safety & Maintenance with John Higgins

Tractor/Machinery Safety & Maintenance 
Machinery is a near essential part of developing and maintaining a country property, and we need to know how to use it safely and how to keep it running. The key to avoiding much heartache and wasted money is preventative maintenance - knowing how to keep your new (or old!) pride and joy running like a well oiled machine. A basic knowledge of minor breakdowns and their simple repair can save a lot of money for the beginning (and long standing!) property owner.

Session 6 Seed Saving  with Kerryn Martin

HOW TO SAVE SEED and Keep our Vegetable Heritage Alive 

93% of our vegetable varieties are now extinct.  In 2008 the top 10 seed companies accounted for two-thirds (67%) of the global prioprietory seed market. For the home grower, the practice of saving seed, once common place due to necessity, has now largely been replaced by our reliance on the seed companies.  We no longer hold the knowledge of how to save seed and keep it pure - it is simply easier to buy the packet of seeds from the store.  Learn about the absolute miracle of plant pollination and the basics of how to save your own seed in this practical and informative presentation.
Kerryn Martin is owner/grower of 'The Lost Seed' an Australia wide mail-order seed company which provides home growers and market gardeners with rare and heirloom vegetable seed and tubers etc.  She has a passion for not only keeping our vegetable heritage alive but also educating home growers on how to save their own seed - a knowledge and skill which is now almost forgotten. 



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